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Scope of Professional Services

The company is broadly divided into four departments namely Valuation, Agency, Development and Management.  Every department is headed by a well qualified and seasoned Estate Surveyor & Valuer and supported by professional surveyors.


The major professional services, which we render to the public, are primarily in the field of property investment and development as well as management and marketing and they are grouped as follows:


  1. Property and Estate Development.

  2. Valuation for all purposes e.g. compensation, Sales, Rating, Plant and Machinery Valuation.

  3. Property and Assets Valuation.

  4. Property Management.

  5. Project Management Monitoring and Analysis.

  6. Project Marketing (Residential, Industrial and Commercial).

  7. Property Agency Sales and Purchase.

  8. Financial and Development Consultancy.

  9. Land use Planning.

  10. Facility Management.
















Property and Asset Valuation












Our Professional valuation covers all types of properties including Land, Building, Plant and machinery and other fixed and current assets such as stocks.  The various purposes for which we usually undertake professional valuation include balance sheet and accounting assets sharing/merger of companies, letting, leasing, sale, mortgage and loan, purchase of properties, tenement rating, compulsory acquisition and compensation.


We are registered with most banks in Nigeria and are the preferred choice for valuation by financial institutions. Our sustainable competitive advantage is our professionalism and timeliness to complete a meticulous valuation within 24 hours of request.


The valuation jobs we have undertaken for public, financial companies, banks, and government agencies are too numerous to catalogue.  The recent major ones however include:


  1. Mobil oil spill at Idoho platform-worth more than $2b

  2. Nigeria Airways Asset Valuation –worth more than N10.5b

  3. LSDPC Asset Valuation – worth more than N5.3b

  4. Nigeria Romanian Wood Industries (NIROWI) assets Valuation worth more than N3b

  5. Pamol Limited (subsidiary of Dunlop Nigeria Plc) assets Valuation worth more than N5b

  6. D.F Industries, Otta Assets Valuation – worth N20m

  7. Agip Oil Company limited properties valuation-worth N2b

Property Development and Management

Our company has been involved in large-scale property development through its associated company, Prime Construction Company Limited.  Services encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land or parcels to others. Our capable development managers handle the pre-investment feasibility and viability appraisal as well as management of completed houses and offices.  We have developed many residential and commercial properties all over Nigeria.


Both companies have made tremendous progress in the area of property development and now with large property portfolio, which cover residential and commercial developments worth more than $800 million.  The construction Company has on its management, qualified Engineers, technicians and artisans and enjoys the adequate and constant support of qualified related professionals.


Every property deserves good property management. So for you to get a correct and up-to-date evaluation of a property and day to day maintenance, you need a highly experienced property manager with depth knowledge about the properties and the environment to determine the extent of profitability as well as durability. By our extensive and meticulous training, we use the expertise in rendering the desired property management services of good tenant selection, lease term negotiation, liaison with solicitors on lease agreement, periodic rent collection and rendering of accounts to clients, routine inspection of premises, attending to tenants complaints, disbursing outgoing or arranging renewal extension and surrender of lease, advising on services like lifts, firefighting equipment, generators water reservoirs/pumping machines, electricity check-meters etc.

Estate Agency

Our property marketing services involve among others, seeking property for needing clients, merchandising new developments for letting, preparation of tenancy layout, finding good purchasers and reputable tenants for properties at reasonable prices or rents, negotiating purchasers price and rental of properties at reasonable sums and advising of the best effective and advertisement for properties.


We are accredited members of the following professional bodies in the field of valuation and Estate Management.


a.       The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors/Valuers (NIESV)

b.      The Institution of Revenue and Valuation of Great Britain (IRRV)

c.       International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)

d.      Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economists (CASLE)


The last 20 years has given us invaluable experience during what has been the most radical and dynamic period in estate agency – the growth and penetration of the PC, internet, email, mobile and Social Media, along with the biggest ‘boom and bust’ in both house price and transaction volume. This has allowed us to blend traditional customer service values with fast-changing technology, consumer attitudes and market conditions.

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