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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I keep hearing everyone saying how the economy is bad, how money is scarce, and how things are impossibly difficult nowadays. Maybe I am the one in virtual reality, or maybe I am just a brutally honest individual, but the economy isn’t as bad as people demonize.

Sure, it isn’t the most fruitful time, and sure, things aren’t as easy or as liquid as they used to, but let’s face facts; we are not in a recession. I grew up with my father telling me how tough times always reveal tough people, and how everyone needs to be ready to work hard. Why is everyone so quick to jump on this bandwagon of blaming our leaders for the economy?

My mentor and investment guru, Mr Warren Buffett made $10billion during the 2008 financial crisis. He was busy investing in companies and viable projects while others were running away and hoarding capital. I remember a chance encounter I had with him; I was one of the lucky ones privileged to ask him questions about his timing for investments. He smiled and asked why anyone wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to buy low and sell high. He claimed that the best time to invest is when things are bleak, because you have better leverage to negotiate for a bigger pie. The secret is to trust your research, take the risk, do your homework, and invest with all you have. You have to employ your money to work for you, stop working for your money.

Imagine you hiring a house help, and after a long day’s work, you come home to a filthy house and your hired help is lounging in your living room, eating your food and drinking your soft drink. Now, imagine you then pick up the broom and packer to sweep for the househelp, clean and wash dishes left in the sink, and ask if he/she needs anything. Sounds crazy right??? That’s exactly how it sounds to any investor when you don’t hire your money in this filthy time.

I look at the Nigerian economy, and I see numerous possibilities. This is the time to invest in perfecting your titles on lands and properties you own, this is the time to look into acquiring land from appropriate owners, perfect time to build not just flats or residential units, but commercial outlets like shops and kiosks. Looking at the petrol crisis, this is the best time to invest in building and maintaining petrol stations.

Nothing is as steady as Real Estate in any country. I know that most people have unrealistic targets in Nigeria when it comes to Real Estate Investments, but the time has come to truly be patient, and invest wisely. Don’t follow the trend of investing in Banana Island and Eko Atlantic because you hear it is for the rich and it appreciates at double the price. Call us to do a comparative Market Analysis and Investment Portfolio that will be tailored for you.

I pride myself in being reliable and honest. We definitely want to assist you in your investment odyssey, whether you are a novice or an avid investor, you will definitely see the value in our strategy. Give us a call or send an email letting us know how we can better serve you. We truly want to hear from you


Bisi Onitiri

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