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My Inspiration

My biggest inspiration is incontestably my father. He has and always will be the single, most important figure in my life. I attribute my passion, drive, success thus far, knowledge, and affinity for humanity to my direct and indirect relationship with this intriguing individual.

Most who know my father, know Mr Sunbo Onitiri as an astute businessman and a passionate politician with an unbiased belief in the betterment of the citizens of Nigeria. His success is totally attributed to his hard work and dedication to his family. He has gotten his reputation for being a master negotiator and a cost effective developer with an unmatched eye for envisaging exponential growth in undeveloped areas. To some, he’s extremely tough and unwavering, once he sets his focus on a particular task. To others, he’s an obsessive politician championing causes that transcend monetary gains and focus squarely on livelihood of the average citizens. To me, he’s just a normal man with the fear of failure phobia, who grew up against all odds and had to fight his way to success, making him one who’s weary of the new-school methodology that hasn’t been tested and proven to work (according to him).

I take one look at my life and appreciate the journey made thus far. I remember living in the rural area of Iyana-Ipaja as a little kid, playing on the untarred streets with no lights, and having to jump over puddles of water to get to the entrance gate. Now I stay in the high brow area of Lekki phase 1, managing the affairs of 4 flourishing schools, a thriving real estate empire, a dominating construction and development company, and an innovative project, property, and facilities management company. My father dedicated his whole life to our nourishment and development, always sacrificing his own comfort to ensure we attained the best education. He was able to build his wealth by investing in real estate, building residential and commercial properties, and leasing them. He reallocated all profits and residual income to purchasing lands and distressed properties. He applied this same winning principle to his clientele with wonderful results.

My father always says his prayer is for his children to start from where he stops; my prayer is that I never disappoint him. As the Managing Director of Sunbo Onitiri and Co, excellent service and professionalism will be given to you at all times. While we pioneer innovation and globalization, we treasure the generational history of business. As always, the greatest compliment you can give me is your referral.

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