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Letter from my heart #1

During my studies abroad, the professor teaching the Entrepreneurs class had a very popular mantra, "Fail early, Fail often, in order to succeed sooner". If you have never read the book "What I wished I should have known when I was 20", I suggest reading it. It is fascinating. In order to accomplish success faster, you must try new things often. You must be willing to experience failure, learn from it and slowly approach success. Thomas Edison, said he failed over a thousand times in his quest to develop the light bulb.

Thanks to the support of incredible family, friends and has been an amazing year to be in business for my team and me. We have grown dramatically, increased our revenue by multiple folds, increased our listings and closings, signed lucrative property and facilities management agreements, embarked on project management services, and performed valuations on numerous assets, lands, and properties on behalf of banks, corporations, and individuals.

To some, the progress made thus far might seem inconceivable simply because of the present economic situation; but besides prayer, proper planning, and effective networking, one thing that kept me going was the total and unwavering commitment of my staff. They bought into my vision early, were relentless in implementing the subtle and loud changes, accepted and dished out to me constructive criticism, understood the importance of building brand awareness, adopted strategies in order to attain sustainable competitive advantage, and most importantly, were selfless in the pursuit of success.

I cannot thank you all enough for your support, referrals, and commendations. My prayer is that God continues to bless and protect you all in your different endeavors in life. We will all have cause for celebration by the end of the year IJN.

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